Health Tracking

Project Summary

Curenav needed upgrades and updates that included additional calendar features to their current app and modernizing the entire design to look sleek and more polished.

Cross-Platform Development


Curenav was updated for iOS and Android using the cross-platform software Xamarin.  Curenav’s mission is to help solve the greatest pains of cancer patients – the need to know what is going on in their bodies, what they can do about it, and what their best chance of success looks like – and use this knowledge to reduce cancer mortality for everyone dealing with this disease today and in the future.

App Design

The UI design of the app focuses on modernization and sleekness to really match the functionality of the app. 

The app provides intuitive digital tools and dashboards that allow you to keep up with the details in your journey while easily sharing reports with your caregivers or supporters.

Curenav is patient-driven navigation tool that will define the future of cancer management and we made sure that the design reflects the user's needs and provides patients with a great user experience.

App Upgrades

Since patients often have a busy schedule and need a good way to organize their life, we added a way for users to create events and appointments on the new calendar feature. This allows users to utilize the app for all aspects of the health journey.

Additional Page UI Update Screenshots

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