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Medical App Development

Curenav needed a complete redesign of their app and integration of new features for their first major update after their first release.

Technology Used

Figma | Xamarin | Lambda AWS | .NET Core

What We Did

UI/UX redesign

iOS and Android development

New feature integration

Business analysis

HIPAA compliant custom app development

App Summary

Curenav was updated for iOS and Android on the cross-platform framework Xamarin. Curenav’s mission is to help solve the greatest pains of cancer patients – the need to know what is going on in their bodies, what they can do about it, and what their best chance of success looks like – and use this knowledge to reduce cancer mortality for everyone dealing with this disease today and in the future. Our team's focus was to improve the overall user experience by updating the UI and integrating new features.

How we helped the client

  • Redesigned the UI to eliminate pain points and focus on the user's needs for a great user experience.

  • We integrated a new calendar feature to allow users to create events and appointments.

  • Integrated a new feature that allows users to log their daily activities and seamlessly update their physicians.

Medical Software Solutions

We prioritize the user experience to create apps that simplify processes through seamless user interfaces and intuitive design.


UI/UX Redesign

Create great user experiences with our professional design services. We eliminate pain points by planning for a seamless user experience using intuitive design.

New Feature Integration

Regardless the feature, our team of experienced project managers, designers, and developers work directly with clients to understand the requirements and improve the software.

Full Cycle App Development

Our full stack developers develop robust, secure, and scalable software through user-centric design and clean code.

Tech Stack

Logo of Denovo Studio select technology Xamarin which developers use to create mobile apps
Logo of Denovo Studio select technology AWS which developers use to create mobile apps
Logo of Denovo Studio select technology .NET Core which developers use to create mobile apps

Figma, Xamarin, Lambda AWS, .NET Core

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