Rapid Prototyping

Give your product idea a shape. Plan and evaluate the essential features of your product to accomplish your business goals and eliminate possible mistakes.


Prototyping is a powerful technique in application design, for both customers and development teams. Prototypes are visual representations of the page structure and layout, illustrating structural arrangement of different components on the page and the relationships between those components.

Prototype Benefits

Our Process

1. App Discovery

Before launching into an app development project, it’s critical to take the time to clearly define the opportunity you have in mind, and reflect it against what solutions already exist. This is necessary regardless of whether your target user is an internal team or a consumer external to your company. 

2. UX Design and Wireframes

First, we craft an experience that your target audience will love and make their lives easier. Constant design iteration and user testing are key. We use rapid prototyping to build an optimal user experience. Wireframes are constructed to layout the skeleton of the app. The wireframe is a rough draft with just foundation and carpentry.

Example of Denovo Studios wireframing and UX design work with phone and blank item sections.

3. UI Design

Once the wireframe is complete, we move on to the high-fidelity prototype. We add icons, color, and text to polish up your interactive prototype which will closely represent how your app will look and feel.

The polished prototype can be used to show investors and will be used throughout the development process. We will go from idea to a clickable interactive prototype in just 4 weeks.

Example of Denovo app UI design with pictures of food in an iphone app




4-6 weeks


  • User journeys

  • System diagram

  • Product roadmap

  • Technology stack

  • Feature identification

  • Clickable wireframe prototype

  • Clickable high-fidelity UI prototype

  • User testing

  • 100% ownership of design assets

  • Report summarizing recommendations and outlining performance

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