Project Summary

Rocketsaur was created with the notion that comedy and action are not mutually exclusive. It's an action game where the goal is to stay alive, but get a good laugh when you lose.


Graphic Design


Game Development


Fly Rex or one of his friends through an army of robotic arms in this action-packed 2D game. Maneuver through obstacles and collect more coins the farther you go and unlock achievements while sharpening your skills. Use your coins to uncover exciting new characters. 



The game was designed using modern gaming features including unlockable characters and achievements to keep the game fun and interesting. The more coins you get, the rarer the characters that you can unlock. The iOS and Android apps are integrated with Game Center and Google Play, respectively. View the global leaderboard and compare your scores with players around the world.

Character Design

All characters were created and designed by Denovo Studios. Each character has a rocket that was built to fit their personality and has their unique way of death. But be warned, this game is not for the faint of heart. Deaths range from catching on fire to being obliterated into a spray of blood.


2D Physics Engine

Rocketsaur was developed using Unity 2D. Rendering, scripting, asset tracking and physics are some of the features of Unity game development that reduce the time and cost of game development and offers flexibility to deploy projects on multiple platforms. High quality audio and visual effects are supported by Unity 2D. The visuals are adaptable on every screen and device without any distortion or compromise of image quality. We have chosen Unity as our official game development platform to provide clients with creative high-quality games.