Project Summary

The Unrapp team came to us looking to take their current app and have it recreated using a cross-platform program to allow for faster updates and app longevity. New features were added to allow for a seamless user experience and fast video encoding.

Cross-Platform Development


Rapid Prototyping


Unrapp's key features includes photo editing and sharing, camera/screen simultaneous video encoding, and payment capabilities. Unrapp provides a social platform for users to send images, which are digitally wrapped, then sent to the chosen recipients. The recipient must swipe the screen to unveil their gift while the front camera captures raw reaction footage. This footage is then shared with the gift giver to complete the gift giving experience.


PayPal Integration

We integrated PayPal to manage gift card purchase through the app. To enter the credit card information, one simply holds the phone up to the card and once the card is detected, the card's information is automatically entered into the fields. The app uses Authorize.net to process your card information and to ensure maximum security when handling sensitive card data.

Photo Editing

Since photo sharing is one of the app's main features, we had to make sure to integrate photo editing to works well for both Android and iOS. The photo editing component lets you easily modify images by performing actions like cropping, rotating, inserting text and shapes such as rectangles, circles, and arrows on top of an image, drawing free-hand, and inserting our custom stickers.


Video Encoding

The most challenging part of the app was to develop the capability to record the screen as the gift recipient unwraps their gift and record their reaction using the front camera at the same time. We used algorithms that seamlessly encodes both videos at the same time, which then are sent to the backend for processing. The videos are merged and sent to the gift giver for them to view the recipient's reaction.

Tech Stack


Xamarin, MySQL, .NET Core, ASP.NET, PayPal API, Authorize.NET API