Strain & Dispensary Discovery App

Weedi provides a simple way to connect with your dispensaries and find all the cannabis strain information you need.

The objective for this app was to create an all-in-one platform that is a comprehensive resource for cannabis users and businesses.

UI/UX Design


Mobile App

Web App


Simplifying the experience 

Regardless if you are a new user or a seasoned cannabis expert, we tailored Weedi to make it easy for users to document their cannabis experience and keep them updated on their favorite dispensaries. 

When it came to the users, we wanted to provide them the capability to personalize the app based on their experience. We focused on designing an app that makes the user’s cannabis journey easier and less intimidating.



Intuitive UX/UI

Cross-platform mobile development

All-in-one web and mobile platform



Personalization is key

With so many different types of strains out there and new strains being introduced daily, it can be difficult for users to keep track of what strains they have tried and how it personally affected them.

Users can save personalized notes and bookmark your favorite strains all in one place to easily reference it later. The app includes full strain descriptions, history, and reviews from cannabis experts and real users.


Centered around community

By allowing dispensaries to create their own content within the app, it opens up the opportunity for them to take control of their business and present customers with relevant information. Through the app, provisioning centers will provide the growing cannabis-using community the information they need and allow customers to feel confident when they visit their dispensaries.


Tech Stack

app development firebase
app development node.js

ReactJS, React Native, Syncfusion, Firebase, Node.js

Dispensary Management

We created an entire system dedicated for dispensaries to manage their account. Admins can add employees to co-manage their profile and allow them to manage strains, products, and rewards.

Dispensaries can manage their account either on the the mobile app or on the web portal.


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