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Idea to Prototype
6 Weeks

Strategically plan and refine your product's essential features to achieve your business goals and avoid costly mistakes with our app prototyping services.

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What is a prototype?

When businesses and founders are unsure about how to create their product, we suggest a teamwork approach called product discovery. This helps us figure out the best digital setup and approach for your business and its users.


After this discovery phase, we design important parts of your app (the prototype) and test them with actual users. This step helps us quickly check if our basic ideas work or not. Catching and fixing any problems early makes developing a simpler and less expensive minimum viable product (MVP) possible.

Why create a prototype?

Early Validation

Prototyping helps validate concepts early in development, allowing for the exploration of new ideas.

User Engagement

Prototypes are crucial for testing user engagement and usability, critical for long-term app success.

Stakeholder Involvement

Involving key stakeholders early helps integrate valuable insights and co-ownership in the design process.

Reduce Re-Work

Changes to wireframes are significantly cheaper and faster than coding changes, reducing development costs and time.

Foundation for Final Product

Continual improvements on the prototype ensure it meets business goals and is market-ready.

Cost Efficiency

Starting with a prototype saves costs by solving problems early rather than during later stages.

Identify Improvements

User testing during prototyping can reveal necessary enhancements before finalizing the product.

Risk Reduction

Wireframes act as a safeguard against costly mistakes and misunderstandings in development.

User Retention

Prototypes help test and enhance user experience and engagement, aiming to increase user retention rates.

Don't Just Take Our Word for It.
Here's What Our Clients Say:

"I've worked with [Denovo Studios] for over a year now and the process has been absolutely seamless! [...] Denovo Studios has been knowledgeable, patient, understanding, and professional throughout every phase of development."

Dr. Ariel Smith

University of Illinois at Chicago - College of Nursing

Our Prototyping Process

We have partnered with startups and businesses to develop innovative apps and digitally transform their company  - all starting with our app prototyping services.


App Discovery

Before launching into an app development project, it’s critical to take the time to clearly define the opportunity you have in mind, and reflect it against what solutions already exist. This is necessary regardless of whether your target user is an internal team or a consumer external to your company. 


UX Design and Wireframes

We start by designing an experience that your target audience will love and find convenient. Through constant iteration and user testing, we quickly create wireframes to outline your app's basic structure, serving as a rough draft to build an optimal user experience.


UI Design

Once the wireframe is ready, we develop a high-fidelity prototype by adding icons, colors, and text to create an interactive model that closely mimics the final app. This polished prototype can impress investors and guides development. We'll turn your idea into a clickable prototype in just 6 weeks.

Our Process
Support Package

App Prototype Cost - $15,000

Get a high-fidelity UI design and an interactive prototype in 6 weeks.


  • System diagram

  • Product roadmap

  • Technology stack

  • Feature identification

  • Clickable wireframe prototype

  • Clickable high-fidelity UI prototype

  • 100% ownership of design assets

  • Report summarizing recommendations and outlining performance

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