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Computer Vision App Development Services

Empowering vision-based innovation with our computer vision services.

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Client for an app that helps you focus your people, your teams, and your organization on growth.
Client for an app that manages sales, delivery, and inventory.
Client for a health intervention app to help adolescent youth.
Client for an app that streamlines delivery driver management.
Client for app used in tactical simulation using bluetooth devices.
Client for app that uses a Zebra scanner to streamline inventory management.
Client for React Native Fintech app that helps uses with money management.
Client for app that helps users meet their fitness goals.
Client for an iOS app that helps cancer patients through their cancer journey and share conditions with their doctors.
Client for healthcare and HIPAA compliant app development.

Why Work With Us?

Our Computer Vision software development services are carefully planned to ensure the Computer Vision software solution being delivered meets all your business expectations. We combine our in-depth understanding of industry-specific requirements and intricate image processing techniques with our tech expertise obtained from working on Computer Vision projects to provide a solution that gives a competitive edge to your business.


Our Computer Vision App Development Services

Denovo Studios offers app solutions for different development phases and delivers end-to-end software implementation. Our suite of computer vision development services includes:


Image Analysis and Segmentation

We are highly skilled in creating algorithms for analyzing and dividing images. We collaborate with businesses to assist them in automatically identifying and categorizing elements in images, extracting distinct qualities from images, and designing facial recognition systems for biometrics.

Intelligent Video Analysis

Our team specializes in developing intelligent solutions using deep learning techniques. Whether it's monitoring movement patterns, creating intelligent video descriptions, or automating video tagging, we have the expertise to deliver efficient and reliable video analysis solutions.

Object Detection, Tracking, and Labeling

We create personalized computer vision solutions to detect, track, and label objects in images and videos. This helps businesses analyze the movements of specific targets over time, enhancing surveillance capabilities.

Image Generation with GANs

We create personalized image generators capable of producing exclusive images or highly realistic video sequences. We can assist you in developing GANs for diverse applications such as data augmentation, art generation, marketing automation, and more.

Visual Search

We build visual search capabilities for recommendation engines, search engines, and product catalogs. By utilizing deep learning techniques, we can train image recognition models to accurately identify distinct images or efficiently search through vast databases to find similar objects based on visual similarity.

Face Recognition

Facial recognition services go beyond just security to improve user experience. They can identify and authenticate individuals based on their facial features in images or videos.

Why do you need Computer Vision app development services?

Our custom Computer Vision development services can encompass all your specific needs and align with your business goals. We help businesses by providing the following:

  • Advanced object detection and tracking algorithms.

  • Real-time image and video processing capabilities.

  • Customized feature extraction and recognition solutions.

  • Automated image and video analysis for quality control.

  • Integration of Computer Vision technologies into existing systems.

  • Expert consultation and guidance throughout the development process.


Vision API Comparison Tool

We use Vision APIs like Google Vision, AWS Rekognition, and Microsoft's Azure AI Vision to create cutting-edge computer vision technology. Try our tool that we use to evaluate and choose the ideal API for our client's apps.


Computer Vision Features We Build

Regardless if you are building an enterprise app or a consumer mobile app, we ensure an exceptional user experience and robust functionality with our expertise in different tech and tools.

Face detection

Optical character recognition (OCR)

Emotion recognition

Augmented reality overlays

Object recognition

Text detection

Image synthesis

Motion tracking

Image classification

Barcode scanning

Real-time video analysis

Scene understanding

Image segmentation

Gesture recognition

Image filtering and manipulation

3D reconstruction

What Clients Are Saying


Enterprise productivity iOS application

"[Denovo Studios] were highly responsive, very knowledgeable, and easy to work with. They provided great service on our Xamarin project, coupled with a deep understanding of the problem we were facing. They were able to quickly jump in and help us get up and running to meet our short development timeline. We would highly recommend them and use their services again when needed."

Noah DiCenso

Innovasystems International LLC

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Our Process

Through design and development we lay the foundation for products that are visually pleasing and have an intuitive user experience.


Product Discovery & Strategy

We estimate your app and strategize to get you to your business goals.


UI/UX Design & Prototypes

User-focused design drives our every creative decision.


App Development

Intuitive, engaging, and scalable - that’s our apps in a nutshell. 


QA & Testing

We'll make sure that your app is in top shape for its launch.

Our Technology Stack for Building Computer Vision Apps


.NET Core









React Native


IBM Cloud







Entity Framework











Collaborate With Us

Please fill out a few details below to get started. We respond to requests within 1 business day.

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