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Custom AR Unity App Development

Unity Development Services

We partner with companies to build 2D, 3D, and AR/VR software solutions that provide immersive experiences for users and businesses.  

We specialize in Unity solutions for a wide variety of industries and project types 

Denovo Studios offers full cycle Unity development services for diverse industries, creating cutting-edge applications through collaborative partnerships. We excel in developing innovative solutions tailored to sectors like education, healthcare, architecture, and engineering. We also provide efficient app porting services, ensuring seamless transitions for legacy projects or cross-platform conversions while maintaining functionality and performance.








Training & Education







We offer top-notch Unity development services, delivering innovative and customized solutions to bring your ideas to life with precision and expertise.

2D & 3D Development

Our end-to-end services encompass design, development, and post-launch support, guiding your project to success. With a skilled team of designers, developers, engineers, and producers, we collaborate closely with you to transform your vision into reality. Whether it's 2D or 3D development, we have the expertise to bring your idea to life with utmost precision and creativity.

VR/AR Development

Denovo Studios delivers immersive VR and AR development services using cutting-edge technologies. Our expert team designs and develops tailored VR and AR applications for diverse industries, pushing the boundaries of technology. From concept to execution, we bring your vision to life with seamless integration and optimal performance, creating realistic simulations, interactive training modules, and captivating AR experiences.

Compare Computer Vision APIs

Try our tool we use for testing and comparing object detection results across the top 3rd-party APIs, enabling you to unlock the full potential of computer vision and evaluate and choose the ideal API from Amazon, Google, and Microsoft for your application through our intuitive and interactive app.


Simulated Training

The XTac mobile application allows users to connect their bluetooth airsoft-laser devices to the app for simulated tactical scenarios. Gamify your training and bring the experience of a first-person shooting game to life. 

Bluetooth App Development
logo for xtac which is a mobile application Denovo Studios created for mobile gaming communications
Health intervention app development for colleges and universities.

Social Media Emulation

We designed a social media emulation to help teach adolescents about dating violence and cyber bullying. The app contains AI chatbots, video feeds, and engaging exercises for a realistic social experience.

Virtual Conferencing

We co-developed a virtual conferencing web application that aims to merge the worlds of remote and in-person work environments. We used the Unity gaming engine to power the 2D world experience.

Virtual conferencing software app created by Denovo Studios with Unity

2D Mobile App Development

Rocketsaur was built using the Unity game engine to create an action-packed and timeless game for iOS and Android. The game includes unlockable characters, in-app purchases, and mobile ads to optimize the gaming experience and maximize monetization.


Master math one kick at a time. This math game was re-engineered for web and mobile devices for a whole new level of non-stop action.

Web and mobile education app development for children.

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