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Unity Development Services

We partner with companies to build games and software solutions that provide immersive experiences for users and businesses.  

We specialize in Unity solutions for a wide variety of industries and project types 

Denovo Studios is focused on full cycle Unity development from concept to launch, co-development of gaming solutions with partners, and fast and efficient app porting for legacy projects or cross-platform conversions.





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graphic of computer and phone with game examples of Denovo Studios' mobile game development


Whatever your Unity development needs are, we have you covered. You can outsource your entire project to us or we can provide you with individual talent for your project.

Technologies we are well versed in

logo for Unity software that Denovo Studios uses in mobile game development
logo for Xamarin software that Denovo Studios uses in mobile game development
logo for apple iOS in which Denovo Studios can develop mobile game apps natively
logo for android in which Denovo Studios can develop mobile game apps natively

Unity Development

A cross-platform game engine that uses a component-oriented approach for creating robust 2D and 3D solutions for mobile and web applications.

Tactical Gaming

The XTac mobile application allows users to connect their bluetooth airsoft-laser devices to the app for simulated tactical scenarios. Gamify your training and bring the experience of a first-person shooting game to life. 


logo for xtac which is a mobile application Denovo Studios created for mobile gaming communications
screenshots of a social media simulation that Denovo Studios created to educate teens on cyberbully

Social Media Emulation

We designed a social media emulation to help teach adolescents about dating violence and cyber bullying. The app contains AI chatbots, video feeds, and engaging exercises for a realistic social experience.


Virtual Conferencing

We co-developed a virtual conferencing web application that aims to merge the worlds of remote and in-person work environments. We used the Unity gaming engine to power the 2D world experience.


Screenshot of virtual conferencing software app created by Denovo Studios with Unity gaming experise

2D Mobile Gaming

Rocketsaur was built using the Unity game engine to create an action-packed and timeless game for iOS and Android. The game includes unlockable characters, in-app purchases, and mobile ads to optimize the gaming experience and maximize monetization.


Got a project in mind?

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