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XTAC: Tactical gaming for real-life training

Inspired by gear used in the U.S. Military and started by a former Navy Seal, the XTAC system takes tactical training to the next level. Denovo Studios was brought onboard to revamp the app in preparation for their new product launch.

Technology Used

Xamarin | BLE | iOS | Android

What We Did

New Features Integration

iOS and Android Development Support

Resolve Connectivity Technical Issues

Offline Capabilities


Unleashing the power of new hardware by building a next-gen training app

Giving the mobile sidekick a turbo boost with offline capabilities, seamless integration with the new Bluetooth target practice gadget and overall performance upgrades.

How we helped the client

  • Integrated the Entity Framework to allow for optimal performance and stability.

  • Created a local storage system using SQLite to allow users the ability to use the products without internet connection.

  • Developed the new Target feature to use with their new target practice devices.


Rebuilding the app from the ground up with a sturdy framework for rock-solid stability and endless scalability possibilities.



Xamarin allows for code sharing across multiple platforms, making development faster and more efficient. Using Xamarin again for the revamp project minimized the development cost by allowing us to reuse logic that remained the same.

Entity Framework

Using the Entity Framework on Xamarin allows for efficient data management and manipulation when connecting to a Bluetooth device. Additionally, it provides a streamlined development process by abstracting away the underlying database details, allowing developers to focus on building the application logic.


When developing an app that connects to a BLE device, it's important to consider the specific requirements and capabilities of the device, as well as the data that will be exchanged between the app and device.We implemented the necessary Bluetooth communication protocols and user interface elements that allowed users to interact with the new target device.


Software and Hardware in perfect harmony

The XTAC app is the cherry on top of the XTAC ecosystem, it makes using the system even more enjoyable and ensures that the experience you get is just as good as the hardware.

We are proud to support XTAC in their mission to bring tactical training to a wider audience through their innovative high-end target system devices, assisting users in improving their accuracy, weapons handling and marksmanship skills.

Optimized for a seamless training experience

The app we revamped is a total game-changer for tactical training. It's like night and day compared to the old version. It runs seamlessly, making the whole experience feel natural and intuitive.


With the new features and offline capability, you'll be able to simulate real-life scenarios and improve your accuracy, weapons handling and marksmanship skills like never before. It's like having a personal tactical trainer in your pocket, always ready to help you take your training to the next level.


Overall, it's a must-have for anyone looking to get serious about tactical gunfighting proficiency and training.


Tech Stack

Logo of Denovo Studio select technology Xamarin which developers use to create mobile apps

Xamarin, BLE, Entity Framework

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