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Math game app development for children

Karate Cat: Mastering math one kick at a time

Originally played via CD, this math game has been re-engineered for web and mobile devices for a whole new level of non-stop action and adventure on-the-go.

Technology Used

Unity | Adobe Illustrator | Adobe Photoshop | Logic Pro | HTML

What We Did

App Porting

iOS and Android Development

Web App Development



Modern day solution for an age-old game

Karate Cat was originally released several decades ago, only accessible via CD on a personal computer. As CDs have become nearly obsolete, our team was tasked with modernizing the game by porting it to both mobile and web platforms. Today's youth rely heavily on computers for their education, so we aim to ensure that our game is user-friendly and readily accessible for this tech-savvy generation.

How we helped the client

  • Ported the game to iOS, Android, and Web using Unity.

  • Re-engineered the game for a seamless experience no matter the device and screen resolution. 

  • Created new levels not available in the original game.

  • New animations for the new levels.

  • Asset remastering for quality optimization.


The game underwent a comprehensive overhaul and needed many modifications to function optimally on modern platforms.


Cross-platform Development on Unity

To ensure maximum accessibility, we have designed our game to be compatible with modern devices such as iOS, Android, and the web. With a focus on long-term maintenance and support, we chose to utilize the Unity platform for its proven reliability and stability.

Asset Remastering

Asset remastering involves updating or improving the graphics and other assets of a game to make it look better and run smoothly on a new platform, such as Unity. This process can help to modernize the game and improve performance.

Legacy Game Porting

Porting a legacy game into Unity provides several benefits, including the ability to modernize the game with updated graphics, improved performance, and compatibility with a wider range of devices and platforms, potentially expanding its audience and revenue potential.


Successful porting: The power of strategic planning

Strategizing and planning was crucial in the process of porting this game to Unity. A well-structured plan helps to ensure a smooth transition, reduces the risk of technical difficulties, and ensures that the end product meets the desired specifications and requirements. It also allows for efficient allocation of resources and helps to keep the project on track, ensuring a successful outcome. In short, effective strategizing and planning lays the foundation for a successful migration to Unity.

Tech Stack


Unity, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Logic Pro, HTML

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