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Unity Development

Our developers use the Unity platform to create software solutions and immersive games like Rocketsaur that offer interactive and engaging 2D & 3D experiences.

Immerse yourself in non-stop excitement with our thrilling 2D endless style game. Embark on a never-ending adventure, conquer challenges, and achieve high scores in this addictive gaming experience.
iPhone screenshots showing mobile gaming app Rocketsaur designed and built by Denovo Studios

Unity for Business Solutions & Games

We use Unity for development of interactive products for custom business solutions, new game ideas, and 3D visual animations for mobile, web, PC, or console.

Unity is the world’s leading real-time 2D & 3D platform that serves as a complete solution for businesses and startups to create digital games of any type.

How we have helped clients

  • Custom Game Development Solutions

  • Game Porting From Legacy Software

  • 3D Visualization

  • Learning Software

  • Custom Solutions Requiring Interactive AR/VR

Unity Solutions

Denovo Studios is focused on full-cycle Unity development from concept to launch, development of business solutions, and game porting for legacy projects.

graphic of computer and phone with game examples of Denovo Studios' mobile game development

2D & 3D Game Development

We offer 2D/3D game design and development services for creating immersive products for all modern platforms.

Custom Business Solutions

Complex Unity solutions requires a team of experts in game art, design, and programming that can work directly with clients to understand the requirements. We develop new products and integrate new features with scalability in mind. 

3D Visualization

We design interactive 3D visualizations of physical locations, construction projects, and concept art to meet the needs of your business.


Case Study: Rocketsaur

We created Rocketsaur to demonstrate our full-cycle game development expertise and Unity's 2D physics, animation, and game monetization capabilities.

App Features and Highlights

  • Original character design and graphics

  • Mobile optimization for iOS and Android

  • In-app purchases

  • Advertisement

  • Animations

Rocketsaur Tech Stack


Unity, Adobe Illustrator, Logic Pro X

Got a project in mind?

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