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Auto Hauling App Development

Virginia Transportation Corporation needed an app that digitized all manual tasks of delivering vehicles including arrival/departure updates, signatures, and documenting damages. 

Technology Used

Xamarin | MYSQL | .NET Core

What We Did

UI/UX Design

iOS and Android Development

API Integration

Business Analysis

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App Summary

VTC Mobile for Virginia Transportation Corporation was developed for iOS and Android using the cross-platform framework Xamarin. The app allows drivers to log in to the VTC database and access current load data. The driver can choose to accept loads and update arrivals/departures from pick-up and drop off locations. 

How we helped the client

  • Created an iOS and Android app for auto haulers to modernize tedious tasks during vehicle delivery and pick-up and remove all paperwork from the process. 

  • Developed an image management system to document damages on vehicle pick-ups and save dozens of hours weekly in manual labor.

  • Integrated the app into their existing database via an API to eliminate any disruption to their operation.

Auto-Hauling Solutions

Reduce logistical inefficiencies and simplify transportation management with modern digital solutions.

Tracking & Visibility

Drivers and dispatchers are able to update and edit route details and seamlessly update all members of the team.

Transportation Management

Our result-oriented full stack developers digitized VTC's carrier operation. Our solution now allows their auto-haulers to view and manage their loads via their mobile devices.

Routing and Optimization

The software is optimized to provide auto-haulers with the most efficient route to meet delivery schedules and reduce costs.

Tech Stack

Logo of Denovo Studio select technology Xamarin which developers use to create mobile apps
Logo of Denovo Studio select technology MySQL which developers use to create mobile apps
Logo of Denovo Studio select technology .NET which developers use to create mobile apps

Xamarin, MySQL, .NET Core

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