Vehicle Transportation

Project Summary

Virginia Transportation Corporation needed an app that removed all the manual tasks of delivering vehicles including arrival/departure updates and documenting damages. 

Cross-Platform Development


Rapid Prototyping


VTC Mobile for Virginia Transportation Corporation was developed for iOS and Android using the cross-platform software Xamarin.  The app allows drivers to log in to the VTC database and access current load data. The driver can choose to accept loads and update arrivals/departures from pick-up and drop off locations. 


App Design

The UI design of the app focuses on simplicity so users can make delivery updates or view load information with a few easy steps.

VTC Mobile was designed to work offline when drivers lose signal on their phones. This means the driver can still make updates and view information when located in remote parts of the country. Once drivers' phones reconnect, the data will automatically sync with the server.

Capture Damages

Occasionally, vehicles get damaged during transit. When this occurs, drivers will report the damage by making a note and taking a picture of it. The picture is then emailed to the appropriate person for record keeping. To save time, we implemented a feature that allows drivers to take photos of the damaged vehicles directly from the phone which is automatically uploaded to the server. This allows for consistent record keeping and effortless documenting by drivers.



The application allows a person to sign their signature on the screen for the pickup or delivery. This feature provides consumers and professionals with a simple way to electronically sign and return documents from almost anywhere in the world, using practically any device.

Tech Stack


Xamarin, MySQL, .NET Core, ASP.NET